More wood touches for a really cool home

Just finished up part 2 of a project we have been working for a client (Remember the wood cornices?). We added some wood features to the front of her home and hid her garbage cans in the process. Every time we complete a job, my list for Lenny gets a little longer. 😉


Green Egg table

This was a really fun project to work on. Our client’s Green Egg table purchased from a big box store was falling apart, s he contacted us. He gave us the freedom to design whatever we wanted for him and we came u with what you see below. Our table has a concrete top, barn door, wine bucket, lots of storage and we added some lights that sync to music for extra flair. This table is now the centerpiece for all his backyard parties!


Flower cart

We were contacted for a very unique piece. A local shop wanted to take their super cute boutique “on the road” and offer something no other shop in the area could. They were inspired by the open air markets they had seen in CA. We worked with them to create this super cute flower cart pulled by and even more adorable tricycle. Lulubelles now has their very own flower cart to sell sweet bouquets and fabulous accessories at local art fairs and farmer’s markets.