Man Cave Art

We created some cool “man cave” art for different clients. The team logo barrel heads are 24” in diameter and made of metal and wood. The UK and Cardinal are cut, polished and painted by hand. We used two different color finishes on the wood, to make them unique. The Falls City barrel head (also 24″ in diameter) was a unique creation made from an old sign we found at a flea market, and a barrel head cut to frame. We will definitely be on the lookout for more like it!


Kitchen island

We had a customer come to us and asked us to design their dream island for their kitchen. They wanted rustic chic. We worked together and designed exactly what they wanted for the centerpiece of their kitchen remodel. Many can gather here while entertaining. It has plenty of storage, a large concrete surface, electrical outlets for small appliances like hand mixers and a sink for easy access when preparing culinary masterpieces!

Derby horse

I wanted a new piece for my big wall in the kitchen, so we made this. It is 40”x 40” piece which can be customized to your favorite horse in racing history. We can also do a scaled down version (24″x 24″). If you are interested in the horse silhouette only (without the background and frame), we can do that as well. Each is custom made to order, so color variation with the stain is also a possibility.

DIY rustic frames

I love antique stores, thrift shops, all things vintage. A local antique store had a big sale before Christmas, so I made my way there to see what I could find. While weaving through all the “stuff,” I happened upon a booth with some unique artwork. The artist painted winning Derby horses, with watercolor, on old programs. Now, most who know me also know I love horses, but I especially love Seattle Slew. When I saw that number three, those yellow and black silks, well I had to get it! I also purchased Whirlaway, because two of a good thing is always better than one. When I got them home, I realized regular frames would not do for my two diamonds in the rough, so I made these. I think they are just right!Frames